About Kashabowie Outposts

Staying Safe on Your Trip!

Written by: KOP Staff

Whether you’re a first time guest or one of our valued repeat customers, you know that safety is our number one priority at Kashabowie Outposts.  Although we’ll go through our safety procedures in advance of your flight, here are a few tips to help keep you safe on your trip of a lifetime!
First Aid Kit
Pack a proper first aid kit (more than just band aids) keeping in mind that we’re flying you in to the middle of nowhere.  Your kit should include a variety of bandages, anti-septic wipes, polysporin, advil (ibuprofen), aspirin, benadryl (for bites/ stings).
On the Water
Regardless of your swimming abilities, we always encourage you to wear your lifejacket/ PFD when in the boat, especially when navigating from spot to spot.  Many guests now prefer the inflatable-style PFD’s that can be worn in even the hottest weather.
Sun & Bugs
We recommend you wear sun-protection clothing (Simms, Columbia, Striker) and sunscreen when out on the water. We see some pretty hot days up here and nothing ruins a fishing trip like a bad sunburn.  Make sure you bring a hat to help keep the sun off your head and face.  We also recommend you drink plenty of water and non-alcoholic drinks on the water to stay hydrated on those hot days!
Bring a bug jacket, bug-spray and after-bite/ antihistamine (if you react to bites).  Generally speaking, the bugs aren’t bad on the water but cleaning fish, cooking dinner on the grill or sitting around the campfire can be a bit of a challenge at certain times of the year.
Cold & Rain
A quality rain suit may be the most important piece of gear anglers can have on a fishing trip.  Of course we hope that you’ll have nice sunny days on your fly-in, but we know that isn’t always the case.  We recommend investing in good rain gear and packing a fleece jacket as a second layer for cooler days.  A good rain jacket makes a great windbreaker even on sunny days and saves the need to pack a second coat.  Dressing in layers is definitely the way to go when you’re up in Northwestern Ontario.  It isn’t uncommon to start your day in your full rain suit with a hoodie and end your afternoon in shorts and sandals.
Before you hit the water in the morning, make sure you have a plan with your fishing partners on what time you expect to be back and what to do if you’re running late.  We also recommend you bring a ziplock bag or map case to keep your lake map dry and keep it with you when you’re out on the water.  As always, please don’t forget to call in at the end of the day to let us know you’re all safe and if there’s anything you need!