Our Trophy Fish Catch and Release Policy

Rates Pictures Included Bring Tropies


Big fish are hereditary

We have long known that big fish are hereditary
and the genetic strain can be lost
from over-harvesting the big ones.

We started our catch and release policy
long before it was popular practice.

We encourage guests to take pictures
of any trophy fish caught, and then release them.

Over the many years, we have been rewarded with
lakes that have been pre-selected to have larger fish!

The cooperation of our guests has ensured quality
fishing, and big fish trophy pictures, for years to come!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Bigger Fish and Better Quality Fishing
Ontario Fishing Limits, in combination with our Catch-and-Consume conservation policy in place for over a decade, have made our lakes great producers of not only more fish and bigger fish, but better quality as well!

Come prepared! Order your Ontario Outdoors Card online today!

Catch & Consume Policy on Five Lakes.

You are welcome to catch and consume all you can eat (within license limits) You’ll always remember the delicious shore lunches – and be sure to bring along your camera so you can take photos of the one that didn’t get away!
Bring your frying pan! The teaming schools of walleye and large northern pike ensure you will enjoy a tasty shore lunch every day! See our trophy fish policy, and read over our fishing tips!


Taxidermy – Mounting Your Trophy Fish

Take A Picture For Your Mount

We suggest that you photograph and measure the fish (length and girth) and have a perma-trophy made.

Perma-trophies are much more durable and just as realistic as the mounting of the actual fish. Many of our guests have re-created their trophies to preserve the memory of the adventure!

Fish Replica Taxidermy Services

  • Hawkins Taxidermy
  • PermaTrophy