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What To Bring On A Fly In Fishing Trip
Really looking forward to Mike M. and Tony D. coming up at the end of June – and they must be thinking about their Canadian Fly in Fishing Trip too!

We just received some awesome fishing trip questions from Tony and he is interested in catching some fish!

During fishing season, almost every day we get an email asking for detail about the best lures, tackle and bait – and the second-most-common group of questions is about basic comfort concerns…

What To Bring Fishing


Over the years, we have compiled a complete list of What To Bring Fishing on a trip to Canada.

When you are taking a Fly in Fishing Trip – you must consider weight restrictions. Our checklist will help you pack light, but complete, so you are ready for anything!

Awesome Fishing Trip Questions From Tony

 Are pork rinds or rubber trailers on a jig good enough or do we need leeches? 

We have live minnows and leeches available for purchase at our base – easily the best bait for walleye, smallmouth and pike.

 Should the black flies be done by then? 

A lot of people ask about how bad the mosquitoes and black flies are each year. The peak season for the nasty insects is mid-May until the end of June, but it depends on how dry the season is. Reports from guests this year give us a feeling that bugs were a little under-average early in the season, but the recent wet and rainy weather could change that quickly. Be sure to come prepared with an insect repellent that contains DEET – ‘Deep Woods OFF’ is a personal favorite.

 Is there toilet paper supplied? 

Our Outpost Cabins are equipped with everything to make your stay comfortable, but you are responsible to bring food, linen, and personal supplies. Often there is toilet paper available – but we do recommend you bring a dry roll… just to be sure. Get all the details when you download our Fishing Trip Checklist!

 Are top water poppers good for the smallmouth? 

In the early spring, smallmouth will strike at top-water lures. White and yellow are good colors. As the waters warm, they will move deeper – and jigs with a minnow are a great option.

Best Regards, Tony D


Thanks Tony! See You Soon!

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Many thanks for the Fishing Trip Questions Tony! We always reply to your email, and love talking about fishing and hunting all day long!

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