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Are you interested in Fly in Fishing Tips?

Are you interested in Fly In Fishing Tips?

We thought we would provide a thread for our guests to post their fishing experiences on our website. You can post your fly in fishing ideas as well as your favorite spots to fish on our lakes. If anyone has fishing methods they would like to share please feel free to post them in this Blog. You can also search Google Earth and tag your favorite Fly In Fishing Spots and your Fly In Fishing Tips on the Kashabowie Outposts lake maps.

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Thank you to our Guests

Our Kashabowie Outposts team would like to thank all of our guests, particularly the dedicated guests that continuously contribute pictures and fly in fishing tips. Thank you very much.

Fly In Fishing Tips from John

Here is an example of the type of information we would like to post from one of our longtime  guests John Crosetto.

John Crosetto's Fly In Fishing Tips


Warning you may be attacked by fish!

Loganberry was unbelievable for walleye. We could catch big ones anytime we wanted and very close to the cabin. We kind of walleye fished in the evenings and spent most of our time searching for the giant pike.

Although we did not catch a pike over 45″ which was our goal we did get 12 or 15 of them over 40″. What we used were Storm swim baits, 5″ long with a single hook coming out its back. We fished it in the weedy areas at both ends of the lake, mostly the end closest to the cabin. These were pretty weedless. Also we cast double bladed buck tail spinners with big bushy and shiny tails. This worked good to.

I did spend a lot of time dragging the bottom of the lake with those giant Grandma plugs. The lake is perfect for this depth wise. The deepest part of the lake I found was 35 feet. I caught fish consistently with this approach but nothing big. I found this strange.

I would love to fish Loganberry in May when those Pike are picking off the spawning suckers and walleye in the running water. There are many huge Pike in that lake. Top water baits or live suckers would be unbelievable.

John Crosetto  Chicago, IL.

 Post your Fly in Fishing Tips

This is The kind of information we would like to see all of our guests posting on our site. Just go to the blog section and search for Fly In Fishing Tips and post them in the section. Thank you again for all your contributions and we look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your idea’s.

Tight Lines,

The Team at Kashabowie Outposts