It's nothing to go out and catch 50 fish.

Stringer of Walleye for Lunch“If you know where to go, it’s just phenomenal-and it’s not just one day, it’s every day. It’s nothing to go out in the evening and catch 50 fish.”

That’s the conclusion of longtime guest and veteran angler of Kashabowie Outposts’ Piche Lake, Perry Budreau. The Lincoln, Michigan resident has been pursuing Northern and Walleye at the lake for the past six years, and says the biggest Northern he’s caught to date has been 22 lbs. (The shallow weed beds at the southern end of the lake in particular host large Northern).

A Kashabowie Outposts guest for the past 12 years, Budreau has fished other lakes, but this lake is one of his favourites. “It’s absolutely excellent-it’s hard not to have good fishing up there.”
Kashabowie Outposts

Budreau has also hooked family and friends on the Piche Lake experience. This past summer he brought son Brian and in previous years, other family members, friends and his usual fishing gang, have joined all him at various times. The reaction of first-time guests is pretty predictable, he said.

“When I take people up there, they just can’t believe it. I’ve had two or three couples go up with me numerous times, and [now] they just look forward to it.”

Piche Lake’s two-bedroom cabin comfortably holds six and has all necessary amenities. Located 65 miles northeast of Kashabowie Outposts air base, it is the only cabin on the lake.

For Budreau, a Kashabowie Outpost fly-in fishing trip has become a yearly opening weekend tradition-a fact that has a lot to do with the quality of service from the experienced pilots and staff. They have been providing fly-in fishing vacations for over 20 years, and “[They are] an excellent group of people to work with. They bend over backwards for you-it’s just been a pleasure to go up there [every year].”

And when it comes to Piche Lake, Budreau puts it simply.
“If you like to catch fish, that’s the place to go.”

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