Fishing Reports

A sense of being taken care of – on a remote wilderness lake

“They want you to call in and just say ‘hey, we’re having a wonderful time,’ or just to let them know how you are.” We get a sense of being taken care of – even while on a remote wilderness lake.

Kashabowie Outposts takes care of its guests–and is one of the reasons Ohio’s Nancy Mandernach and husband Ron plan to make it a yearly tradition.

“The owners are very responsible and caring people,” said Nancy. “They want to tell you how to fish, where to fish, and if you’re not having a good day, you can pick up the [radio] phone and say ‘Wait a minute, this is not like you said,’ and they’ll say, ‘Are you doing this?’ That’s important-they want you to have a good time.”

fishing on a remote wilderness lake

Safety is also of utmost importance to Kashabowie Outposts staff. “They’re very knowledgeable and they make sure you know the flight and fishing regulations.”

Guests are also oriented to their cabin, equipment, lake and its’ prime fishing spots.
Accommodations are “outstanding,” (she said indoor showers are a definite plus!) and equipment is always in good working order. “If you needed something, they’d certainly fly it over to you.”

The staff’s attention to detail and safety, combined with radio phone service, give these die-hard anglers a feeling of security, even while on a remote wilderness lake. “They always do a fly-over. If they don’t hear from you, they’ll come in and check on you.”

Great fishing and accommodations, beautiful scenery and the sense of being taken care of–for the Mandernachs they all add up to one thing.

“We leave planning our return.”