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Fishing Vacation Packages for Women

Vacation Packages for Women: could you use a break from juggling a career, kids, carpools and relationships? For tranquility, comfort and retreat – our fishing vacation packages for women will give you more rejuvenation than a week at the spa!

Wilderness retreat fishing Vacation Packages for Women

After all, when the going gets tough, who said men were the only ones who could go fishing?

At Kashabowie Outposts, more and more women are discovering that a remote fly-in fishing trip with the girls beats a week at the spa for rejuvenation.

Today, women comprise about one third of Canadian and American anglers and Kashabowie Outposts is welcoming this fast-growing clientele. Every year more women get hooked on the thrill of reeling in a 10 lb. Walleye or 20 lb Northern, or tussling with a feisty Smallmouth Bass at one of the twelve remote destinations for fly-in fishing excursions.

However, it’s more than just the fun of the sport that is drawing feminine interest to fly-in fishing adventures—it is the absolute serenity of sitting on a deck at the only cabin on a remote wilderness lake, hearing the loons sing and feeling the cares of life melt away. No cell phones ringing or incessant traffic. Absorbing all the sights and sounds: fresh air, clean water, fresh-caught fish sizzling in a pan and sharing a laugh with friends—are all part of the ultimate restorative experience.

Vacation For The Girls Group

At Kashabowie Outposts, that experience can be enjoyed at any of the 12 outpost cabins (all lakes except Wapikaimaski have only one cabin), replete with solar lights, propane stove, fridge and barbecue, kitchen and dining facilities with kitchen utensils, shower with hot and cold running water, radio phones for instant communication, wooden deck, and of course a breathtaking view. As well, some of the cabins offer saunas and ice houses.

Fly-in fishing packages include 14-foot aluminum boats (two persons per boat), 9.9 motors and all the gas required, so when you arrive at Kashabowie Outposts, all the work is done.

Whether you are already one of the ever-increasing numbers of die-hard women anglers or just one of the hard working super moms who needs an escape—why not plan an all girls ultimate adventure? It’s the perfect way to renew and strengthen friendships, whether your groups includes co-workers, longtime best friends, sisters or mother. It will be the trip to talk about at the office for weeks afterwards, and will guarantee some unforgettable pictures and life long memories.

And when you step off the float-plane, and see your own private haven nestled in the boreal wilderness, you know you are in for the ultimate therapeutic adventure amidst simple and pristine surroundings–courtesy of Kashabowie Outposts.

Contact us to learn more about our Vacation Packages, check out all the amenities included with our fly in fishing cabins – For over 27 years – wilderness retreat fishing vacation packages for women, man, groups and families.