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An Ontario Fly In Fishing Trip You’ll Always Remember

An Ontario fly in fishing trip is a dream come true for many anglers because of the privacy, the gorgeous landscapes, and the multitude of fish.

Many of our exclusive lakes can only be accessed by float planes, and this is where our services can help you. Your Ontario fly in fishing trip starts with an unmatched view of the rugged, lush terrain from above and then we’ll drop you off at your planned outpost destination. As mentioned before, our Ontario fly in fishing outposts are located on some of the most private and serene lakes in the country. We can help you choose the right location based on the type of Ontario fishing you want to do:

Northern Pike
Small Mouth Bass
Lake Trout

Are you planning an adventurous Ontario fishing trip and want to ensure it will be the fishing adventure of a lifetime? Consider an Ontario fly in fishing expedition with Kashabowie Outposts. We started with one aircraft and two outpost camps many years ago. Through the years, we’ve expanded our business to include three aircrafts and now have outpost camps on 10 different lakes in Ontario, Canada. We bring our own experience and enthusiasm from the outfitting industry to make our business different from our competitors. We are avid outdoorsman and lovers of the Canadian wilderness. With our combined knowledge, access to some of the most exclusive lakes, and the right planning, you’ll get the Ontario fly in fishing trip you’ll always remember when you choose Kashabowie Outposts.

Ontario Fly In Fishing

Kashabowie Fly In Fishing Outposts in Canada offers the finest Ontario Walleye Fishing and Ontario Northern Pike Fishing. Some of our lakes provide excellent Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing and Trophy Lake Trout Fishing. If you are looking for the chance to land a truly trophy-sized fish, check out the amazing Ontario fly in fishing trip pictures from our guests! Fantastic fishing, solitude, and comfort are the top benefits of a Canadian fly in fishing adventure with Kashabowie Outposts. After loading your fishing gear, food, and personal items, we fly over miles of peaceful forests, rocky Canadian Shield landscape, and countless little lakes, streams, and rivers as we approach your outpost cabin destination. When we land at any one of our 10 remote Ontario fly in outposts, our fully equipped remote outpost cabins will exceed your expectations.